December 11, 2015

As 2015 Winds Down, Cow Classifications Move Up

While 2015 is winding down, a number of registered cows at MilkSource Genetics are seeing their classifications climb.

Leading the way is Kingsway Tenacious Rochelle, who is newly minted EX-94. (See photo above)

Other updated scores include:

Knonaudale Mudpie-ET EX-92

Pavue Windbrook Lavender EX-92

Jolibois Flora Contender EX-90

Frozenes-LP Contdr Lark-RED VG-89

Liatris Brokaw Toutoune VG-88

Miss Apple Snapple-Red-ET VG-88

Milksource Gold Laiken VG-88

Wedgewood Atwood Camomile VG-88

Greenlea A Care-RED ETS VG-87

Milksource Shamrock Angela VG-87