July 17, 2013

Dane County Judge rules against FOCS, FFD in Richfield Dairy hearing

MADISON, Wis. (July 17, 2013) – Dane County Circuit Court Judge Frank Remington today ruled in a Madison courtroom that a request by the Friends of the Central Sands (FOCS), Family Farm Defenders (FFD) and Illinois resident John Robert (Bob) Clarke was unfounded and that there is no reason to issue a stay order against Richfield Dairy and its plans to develop an 80-cow carousel, cross-ventilated state-of-the-art sustainable farm in Adams County.Richfield-Dairy-logo-sustainability2-300x300-300x300

In his ruling, Judge Remington denied the request of the three petitioners for a stay of the Wisconsin DNR’s approval of two high capacity well permits and its certification of a supplemental environmental assessment for Richfield Dairy.

The petitioners were unable to show that any imminent harm was presented by the high-capacity wells, which are replacing two existing high-capacity irrigation wells already on the proposed dairy site.

When the new high-capacity wells are put into operation for the dairy, the draw would be spread out over a 12-month period, and the existing high-capacity wells that are currently used to irrigate during the intense, dry summer growing season the site would no longer be active.