August 27, 2014

Great Cows, Great Scores

Two late summer visits from Holstein Association USA have led to updated evaluations and classifications for a nice class of beauties. We’re proud to announce our latest batch of scores:

Idee Shottle Lalia: EX-95

*Kingsmill Atwood Allison-ET and Brackleyfarm Chelios Cheerio: Both EX-92 (max score for 2nd lactation cows)
Donnanview W Brook Amber and Straussdale G W Atwood 1337: Both VG-89 (max score for first lactation cows)
* Paulo-Bro-Sp Shar-Red-ET: EX-93 (96-MS)
* D.D. Rae (Damion X Dana Rae): EX-91 (2nd lactation)
* Sid Katia & Laredo-Red: Both VG-88 2Y