January 23, 2015

Hudson Dairy Recognized for Michigan Energy Efficiency Initiatives

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Milk Source LLC’s Hudson Dairy in Hillsdale County, MI, was recently recognized by the state’s largest utility company for investments in energy efficiency.

Hudson Dairy welcomed Consumer Energy representatives Craig Gravelin and Sanju Guinn for a January tour, which allowed the duo to take an up-close look at some of the ways in which the farm has upgraded and modernized energy usage in agriculture.

Among Milk Source’s investments are:
Lights: Milk Source has retrofitted barn, parlor and outdoor lights for energy efficient fluorescent and LED fixtures and bulbs. Lighting controls have been installed in the barns. And photocells integrated into outdoor lights.
 Cow waterers: Energy efficient livestock waterers have replaced out-dated ones in barns.
 Parlor: Variable-speed drives have been installed on the milk-pumping system and an energy efficient cooling system has been installed.
 Nutrient processing: Variable-speed drives have been placed on manure pumps and the Livestock Water Recycling system.
 Wells: Variable-speed drives have been placed on well pumps.

“Our company says ‘Sustainability starts here’ and that extends beyond the corn field and milking parlors,” said Jim Ostrom, Milk Source co-partner. “Intelligent energy use is one of the fastest, most-impactful ways a company can show meaningful investment in its home community and promote the importance of sustainability.”

In October 2008, Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm signed legislation directing Michigan utilities to offer energy efficiency programs to their customers. In the summer of 2009, Consumers Energy launched comprehensive electric and gas energy efficiency programs.

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