June 19, 2014

Hudson Dairy Welcomes First Calf


Milk Source’s newest crown jewel — and our first dairy in Michigan — is celebrating an early arrival.

Cow No. 20001 became the first calf born at the newly-minted Hudson Dairy, which began operations in mid 2014.

The calf became something of a social media sensation when a “Name the Cow” contest was announced on Facebook. Thirty suggestions — ranging from Sparty to Mootown and Apple Blossom to Rosie — poured in within the first hour. After two weeks of public voting though, the winning name was revealed — “Miss Michigan.”

Miss Michigan will take the same journey as her sisters: Spending her early months at Calf Source, then graduating to Heifer Source, before returning to her Michigan soil where she’ll become a productive member of the Hudson team.

“Milk Source may have a lot of cows,” beamed Hudson Herd Manager Husbaldo Dominguez, “but this beauty will always be our ‘first Michigan native.'”