May 30, 2014

Idee Shottle Lalia named “Star of Breed” by Holstein Association USA


Holstein Association USA has named MilkSource Genetic’s Idee Shottle Lalia one of two 2013 “Star of Breed” winners.

The award recognizes “outstanding, well-rounded cows in our breed, with exceptional milk production and type traits,” according to Holstein Pulse magazine.

For the first time since the award started seven years ago, there was a tie for Star of Breed: Lalia and co-winner Bur-Wall Buckeye Gigi have a Mature Equivalent Combined Fat and Protein (ME CFP) of 2991; each is classified 2E-94, with an age-adjusted score of 94; and both placed fifth in their respective classes at a National Holstein Show. Both, coincidentally, are Wisconsin cows as well.

Before Lalia came to the United States, she made her mark on the show scene in 2009 as a milking yearling. That year, she was awarded Honorable Mention All-Canadian Milking Yearling, Reserve All-Quebec Milking Yearling and Third Milking Yearling at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

Milk Source LLC acquired Lalia in 2011, as a 3-year old. “She is a beautifully-framed cow,” says Co-Partner Jim Ostrom, who told Holstein Pulse that “her tremendous frame caught our eye.”

Lalia calls MilkSource Genetics’ show barn her home. “The best part of working with Lalia is her personality,” says Jamie Endvick, herd manager, citing her calm disposition.