July 28, 2014

International Intrigue 2014 Grosses Nearly $6.5 Million


When MilkSource Genetics agreed to host International Intrigue in July 2014, we knew it was going to be big. We never fathomed it would be THIS big though. The event grossed $6,435,800 – based on 123 head with an average price of $52,323.

Sale Coordinator Jeff Butler pledged the event would offer “the greatest collection of animals to have ever been assembled for one sale,” and it turns out he wasn’t exaggerating.

Among the high-performing cows, MilkSource Genetic’s Vedderlea Goldwin Esther, holding the prestigious Lot No. 1

position, sold to ButlerView Farms for $200,000.The top seller at the event was Bacon-Hill Balisto Molly-ET. She was purchased by ABS Global for $265,000.

Also sold by by Milk Source were the renowned Blondin Redman Seisme EX-96’s daughters Milksource Sympatic Sassy and Milksource Absolut Star. The former sold  to David J. Kulp and Realis LLC ($10,200) and the latter went to to ferme blondin ($21,500).Milk Source previously hosted the event during its debut year, 2009.

The sale will be managed by Butler and Ed Fellers and attracted more than 800 of the world’s most enthusiastic dairy cattle connoisseurs.