October 9, 2017

Martha Defends Jersey Crown & Other WDE 2017 Highlights

Solidifying her legacy as one of the all-time jersey cow greats to walk the Tanbark Trail, Musquie Iatola Martha captured the title of Grand Champion of the International Jersey Show at the 2017 World Dairy Expo for the third consecutive year. She also went on to be named Reserve Supreme Champion of the show after taking the 1st & BU Aged Cow and Senior Champion honors.

Two of Martha’s Jersey barn mates also performed well in the International Jersey Show:

Edgebrook Tequila Madison-ET  was named 1st & BU Four Year Old & HM Senior Champion

Stonefront Getaway Mimosa took 5th Place Four Year Old

Other highlights from World Dairy Expo week, included:

International Red & White Show

Miss Apple Snapple-RED-ETS captured 1st & BU Four Year Old, Reserve Senior Champion & HM Grand Champion

Heatherstone Redhot-Red won 1st & BU Junior Two Year Old, Intermediate Champion & Reserve Grand Champion

Milksource Dimnd Dee-RED-ET won 1st Place Fall Calf

Strans-Jen-D Tequila-RED-ET captured 2nd Aged Cow & HM Senior Champion

Milksource Dft Lexus-RED-ET won 4th Place Junior Two Year Old

International Holstein Show 

TK-Plain-View Ripley captured 1st Five Year Old & BU, HM Senior Champion & HM Grand Champion

Treffle Chassep Doorman won 1st Junior Three Year Old & HM Intermediate Champion

Co-Vale Dempsy Dina 4270-ET won 1st Four Year Old, Reserve Senior Champion & Reserve Grand Champion

Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha won 2nd 150,000 Lb. Production Cow

Arethusa Daryl Sienna won 4th Senior Two Year Old