October 7, 2016

Martha Wins Supreme Champion of World Dairy Expo 2016


Musquie Iatola Martha has been named Supreme Champion of the 2016 World Dairy Expo, in the process retaining her title as the Grand Champion of the International Jersey Show.

In 2015, Martha first earned the Grand Champion title and went on to win the Expo’s Reserve Supreme Champion award, being edged out of the top spot by fellow MilkSource Genetics holstein cow, Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha. A month later, however, Martha made her mark at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Canada by being named Supreme Champion at that international venue.

But this year’s 50th anniversary World Dairy Expo would prove the scrappy Jersey’s year in the spotlight. On her way to the top, Martha also captured the Senior Champion and 1st Place 5 Year Old awards.

“Martha is such a unique cow.” said Milk Source Partner John Vosters. “She is so balanced and stylish. She has great dairy quality and good feet and legs with long open frame. But her udder is her defining trait. Martha has the kind they use for a statue, a high wide rear udder, long strongly-attached fore udder with veins and quality to top it off.”

MilkSource Genetics’ goals haven’t changed since it’s inception, simply “to keep trying to find or breed and develop great cows,” he added. “It is absolutely breathtaking watching and showing the great cow classes. That moment of truth when a judge points at the first-place cow when you know you are in consideration will never get old.”

Two of Martha’s Jersey barn mates also performed well:

Edgebrook Tequila Madison-ET  was named Honorable Mention Grand Champion, Intermediate Champion and 1st Place Sr. 3 Yr. Old.

Brandervale Naughty Nostalgia won Reserve Junior Champion and 1st Place Winter Yearlings. 

MilkSource Genetics enjoyed another great year at the Expo. Among the highlights:


International Red & White Show

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

Junior Best Three Females

Underwood Dusk Jazz-Red (pictured above) was named Reserve Intermediate Champion and 1st Senior Three Year Old.

Miss Apple Snapple-RED-ETS won 2016 International World Dairy Expo Futurity Cow, BU and 2nd Junior Three Year Old. 

Crescentmead Swetie Pie-RED was named 1st, BU & B&O Four Year Old.

Milksource A Trinket-RED-ET won 1st Summer Yearling.

Milksource Wire Racket-RED took 2nd and B&O Fall Yearling.

Milksource Dnt Talia-RED-ET was named 3rd and & B&O Winter Yearling.

Milksource Barb Love-RED-ET won 3rd and B&O Junior Two Year Old.

Greenlea A Care-RED-ETS took 3rd Place Senior Two Year Old.

Rokey-Benfer R Cutie-RED-ETS won 3rd Place Four Year Old.



International Holstein Show 

Premier Exhibitor

Treffle Chassep Doorman won 1st & BU Junior Two Year Old.

TK-Plain-View Ripley took 2nd & BU Four Year Old.

Weeks Dundee Anika won 2nd Place Five Year Old.

Brackleyfarm Chelios Cheerio captured 3rd Place Five Year Old.

Milksource Durham Giggle won 2nd Place Five Year Old in the International Junior Holstein Show.