September 9, 2016

Milk Source, Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance Team Up for Sustainability 2016 Effort

OSHKOSH — Continuing a longstanding collaboration, Milk Source once again is working with the Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance to help make its rain barrel workshop a reality.

The Milk Source family of farms, which includes Rosendale Dairy in Pickett and Tidy View Dairy in Freedom, has provided barrels for the effort, which fosters the re-use of natural rainwater for gardening use.

Complete details about the Rain Barrel Project and upcoming workshops are available by clicking here.

“A big part of sustainability is never using something just once. This is a great way to give these barrels a second life,” said Todd Willer, Milk Source partner who serves as the company’s liaison for the project. “We receive farm supplies in them and by working with the Alliance, we can recycle-and-repurpose these barrels for an unlimited lifespan.”

The Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance is an independent nonprofit organization that identifies issues and advocates effective policies and actions that protect, restore and sustain the water resources of the Fox-Wolf River Basin.

“A rain barrel is a system that collects rainwater from your roof that would otherwise be lost to runoff,” said Jessica Schultz, director of the Alliance. “Rain water is best for plants.  Catching rain water in a rain barrel allows you to water your garden and plants in doors and out during dry periods.  Instead of paying for water from the tap, you can use the water you collect to keep your landscape healthy – saving you money!

“Using a rain barrel not only benefits you but also our local waters.  Water stored in a rain barrel won’t rush off your property and carry pollutants to our streams and rivers.  Not only that, water that is used for watering sinks into the ground and replenishes the ground water supply — two great benefits from one barrel.”

The collaboration between the dairies and the non-profit is in its fourth year. “Our message that ‘Sustainability starts here’ coincides with the Alliance’s core mission,” Willer said.  “The Alliance wants to foster businesses that are in harmony with and support the environment. We take that vision seriously.”