March 22, 2013

Milk Source helps build a new road

New-Chester-check-300x225The Town of New Chester Board was presented with a check for $300,000 from Milk Source at its March 18 meeting, funds that Milk Source had pledged as a matching contribution to a state Tea Grant to upgrade 5th Avenue in front of the dairy.

The Town was recently informed by the Wisconsin State Department of Transportation that it had been awarded a grant of just under $240,000 to cover half the cost of upgrading 5th Avenue as part of a Wisconsin program that provides matching funds for projects that will help lead to business development and jobs creation.

When Town Chairman Barb Morgan and town board members Steve Zoulek and Jim Nelson announced they were seeking the grant in 2012, Milk Source announced that it would match state funds for up to $300,000.

“Milk Source considers itself fortunate to have a dairy located in Adams County and although we have been open less than a year, we truly feel a part of the community and have welcomed more than 4,000 guests to tour our facility,” said Milk Source partner Jim Ostrom. “Our goal is to have an exceptional relationship with the area, the business community, the school, the residents and town leaders. The Town did all the needed work for the Tea Grant quickly and efficiently and the state responded positively.”

Ostrom said Milk Source committed to the entire $300,000 because it did not want the Town to incur any expense on the project, “Before the state will provide its funds, the project needs to be completed and paid for. We know this might mean taking out a short term loan between the time of paying the contractor and receiving the state funds, so we wanted to be sure that if any interest costs were incurred by the town, they would be covered by our extra donation.”

Ostrom also said the extra funds could be used for any unexpected costs that might pop up during the project.