December 13, 2015

Milk Source Proudly Collaborates with Desert Veterans of Wisconsin

Thanks to an innovative collaboration with Milk Source, a support-and-advocacy group for Wisconsin military veterans will have access to acres and acres of pristine hunting land for fall waterfowl season.

Traditionally, Milk Source has auctioned hunting rights to its natural habitats with all proceeds benefiting local food pantries.

But when the Desert Veterans of Wisconsin inquired about renting property for a group of wounded warriors, the seeds of something much more meaningful were planted. “We deeply appreciate the service of all nation’s Armed Service members and veterans,” said Milk Source Partner Todd Willer. “The Desert Veterans needed access to land, and if there’s something we have to offer, it’s good land. We knew we could do something special for them.”

Just in time for Veterans Day 2015, Milk Source announced it will work with the group to ensure free access for geese and duck hunting next year with the opportunity to expand the program into the future. “This is an absolutely amazing opportunity for some well-deserving veterans in the area,” said Mark Bonovetz, vice president of Desert Veterans of Wisconsin. “We are a group of all volunteers who give back everything we take in. Amazing people volunteer. If you are part of what we do, it truly comes from the heart.”

A Milk Source site is particularly important to the group because “our infrastructure will make it significantly easier for people with mobility issues to access the land,” said Sarah Babcock, Milk Source’s environmental coordinator.

The Desert Veterans is a non-profit organization in northeast Wisconsin, focused on improving the lives of all area veterans through financial support, scholarships, and peer-to-peer interaction at their monthly meetings. To learn more, please click here.