August 1, 2016

MilkSource Genetics Named Top Breeder & Exhibitor at R&W Championship Show

Bouyed by an amazing lineup of animals, MilkSource Genetics garnered Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor honors at the Wisconsin State Red & White Championship Show.

In addition to earning the award for Junior Best Three Females, Team MilkSource was proud of its exemplary lineup of cows, including:

Underwood Dusk Jazz-RED: Grand Champion, Intermediate Champion, Best Udder and 1st Sr. 3 Year Old

Miss Apple Snapple-RED-ET: Reserve Champion Female, Reserve Intermediate Champion and 1st Jr. 3 Year Old

Crescentmead Swetie Pie-RED: Senior Champion and 1st 4 Year Old

Rokey-Benfer R Cutie-RED-ET: Reserve Senior Champion and 2nd 4 Year Old

Milksource L Trouble-Red-ET:  Junior Champion and 1st Winter Calf

Milksource Dnt Talia-RED-ET: Honorable Mention Junior Champion (Junior Show) and 1st Winter Yearling

Milksource Barb Love-RED-ET: 1st Jr. 2 Year Old

Milksource A Trinket-RED-ET: 2nd Summer Yearling

MS Roll-N-View Althea-RED-ET: 2nd Jr. 3 Year Old

Milksource Redbrst Alma-RED-ET: 2nd Sr. 3 Year Old

Milksource Aly Limit-RED-ET: 4th Sr. 3 Yr. Old