October 1, 2013

2015 Tag Event Sales Reach $250,000

MilkSource Genetics’ reported about $250,000 in sales at their 2015 Tag Event.

That figure was generated by 40 sales at an average per head price of $6,241.

“We continue to see great results from our herd,” said Jamie Endvick, MilkSource Genetics herd manager. “As we continue to breed for the future, our cow quality — and the stature of this event — will continue to rise as well. The sky’s the limit.”

The Top 5 in Tag Event sales were:
$25,000 Milksource Advnt Sky-RED-ET
$18,000 Paulo-Bro-SP Shar-RED-ET
$17,500 Oneeda Cntnd Rachelrae-RED
$12,500 Milksource Aftershock Ada
$12,500 Milksource Damion DD Rae-ET

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