June 23, 2015

MS Genetics’ Katrysha Achieves Elite EX-96 Classification

Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha

Another MilkSource Genetics’ cow has officially achieved elite status: Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha has reached EX-96 classification.

“She is an absolutely spectacular example of the modern dairy cow,” said Partner Jim Ostrom. “She has perfect balance, exceptional dairy quality, incredible utter and excellent feet and legs. She is a rare beauty.”

Katrysha becomes the second MilkSource Genetics cow to achieve the elite EX-96 classification, notes Partner John Vosters.  “She is preceded by only Blondin Redman Seisme EX-97, who made history in August 2014 by becoming the highest-scored R&W of the breed,” he noted.

“Katrysha epitomizes what we look for in a cow,” Vosters said. “We got an in-depth look at her when she was housed at our place while the International Intrigue sale was taking place last summer. We really liked her easy demeanor.”

To learn more about Katrysha’s esteemed track record, please click here.