June 13, 2016

Omro Dairy & Our Jersey Cows Will Host 2017 Winnebago County Breakfast on the Farm

Pedro & Dylan croppedMilk Source is proud to announce that Omro Dairy, home of our Jersey herd, will serve as the site of the 2017 Winnebago County Breakfast on the Farm.

“This will be our first time hosting an event this large and we are really looking forward to it,” said Operations Manager Dylan Malson, who announced the news alongside Herd Manager Pedro Ibarra at the 2016 event (pictured above).

The Winnebago County Dairy Promotion Committee and Winnebago County Farm Bureau organize the breakfast with the hopes of educating the public about agriculture and its importance to our communities and way of life in the Dairy State.

Milk Source previously hosted the Brown County Breakfast on the Farm at Calf Source in 2014 and the Fond du Lac County Breakfast on the Farm at Rosendale Dairy in 2011.

Omro Dairy joined the Milk Source family of farms in 1999. In recent years, it has been transformed from a Holstein herd to a complete Jersey herd, at the request of a cheese processor who wanted the higher production of butterfat.

“We are proud to be asked,” Ibarra said. “We provide the best care for our cows at the dairy, as well as our employees and our farmland.”

Although the event is a year away, updates will be posted here and on our Facebook page.