August 22, 2018

Ripley Wins 2018 Wisconsin Championship Holstein Show

MilkSource Genetics’ TK-Plainview Ripley was named Grand Champion of the 2018 Wisconsin State Championship Holstein Show.

The team also was also named Premier Exhibitor at the show, which featured 153 animals.

Ripley also was named Best Udder, Senior Champion and 1st Place 6 Yr Old.

MilkSource Genetics cows made strong showings in multiple classes:

Sco-Lo-Af Side Sangria-ET: Res. Intermediate Champion, 1st Sr. 2 Yr Old and Best Udder

Beaverbrock Goldwyn Zoey: 1st Place 5 Yr Old and Best Udder

Milksource Dmdbck Taekwondo: 1st Milking Yearling, Best Bred & Owned and Best Udder

Milksource Taelyn-ET: 1st Summer Yearling and Best Bred & Owned

Milksource Dempsey Amour: 1st Fall Heifer Calf and Best Bred & Owned

Ms Milksource Ri Krystal-ET: 2nd Sr. 2 Yr Old and Best Bred & Owned

Milksource Addic Tipper-RED: 2nd Spring Heifer Calf

The success of the heifers also allowed MilkSource Genetics to win Best Junior Three.