September 4, 2014

Ruling clears way for Richfield Dairy


An administrative law judge has confirmed that two replacement wells can be permitted consistent with state law for the Richfield Dairy, reported Milk Source LLC, owner of the proposed dairy.

Milk Source Partner Jim Ostrom says this allows the family-owned dairy company to weigh all its options as it moves forward in Adams County. The ruling clears the way for Milk Source to replace an aging 1,000-gallon per minute (gpm) well with two modern 500-gpm wells that will use groundwater at much the same rate it has been used for years at that location. The company originally sought to make the improvements in 2011.

Despite pressure from out-of-state interests to minimize economic development anywhere near vacation property, today’s ruling permits Milk Source to proceed with its business plan.

The ruling also upholds all the provisions of the previously approved WPDES permitting process, designed to ensure groundwater protection.