June 2, 2016

Spring Holstein Show

While Strans-Jen-D Tequila captured the championship spotlight, a team of Rising Stars in the MilkSource Genetics’ line made their own statements at the 2016 Spring Holstein Show in Madison, Wis.

Premier Exhibitor

Strans-Jen-D Tequila-RED-ET                Grand Champion, Sr. Champion

Strans-Jen-D Tequila-RED-ET                  1st Place 5 Yr. Old

Hillpine B Anya-ET                                      Hon. Mention Int. Champion, 1st Place Sr. 2 Yr. Old

TK-Plainview-Ripley                                     1st Place 4 Yr. Old

Milksource Dfnt Twinkle-ET                       1st Place Winter Yearling Heifer

MS AOL Cntndr Rookie-RED-ET               2nd Place Jr. 2 Yr. Old

Rubis Goldsun Lexie                                      2nd Place Jr. 3 Yr. Old

Dream-Prairie GW Alberta ET                     2nd Place 5 Yr. Old

Ploegsway Goldwyn Nuts is U-ET               3rd Place Sr. 3 Yr. Old

Milksource ATW Gabriella-ET                    5th Place Summer Yearling Heifer

Nova-TMJ Atwood Estra                              5th Place Jr. 2 Yr. Old

Routina Zelgadis Paige                                 5th Place Sr. 3 Yr. Old