June 2, 2016

Spring Red & White Show

A lineup of proven performers — spearheaded by a dominant Tequila — had a great outing at the Spring Red & White Show, where MilkSource Genetics went on to win Premier Exhibitor and Premier Breeder.

Premier Exhibitor & Premier Breeder

Strans-Jen-D Tequila-RED-ET                Grand Champion, Sr. Champion

Strans-Jen-D Tequila-RED-ET                1st Place 5 Yr. Old, 1st Best Udder

Milksource Dft Lexus-RED-ET                 Hon. Mention Junior Champion

Milksource Dft Lexus-RED-ET                 2nd Place Spring Yearling Heifer

MS AOL Cntndr Rookie-RED-ET             1st Place Jr. 2 Yr. Old, 1st Best Udder

Milksource Dfnt Talia-RED-ET                1st Place Winter Yearling Heifer

Milksource Wire Racket-RED                   1st Place Fall Yearling, 1st Bred & Owned

Milksource Redburst Alma-RED             2nd Place Sr. 3 Yr. Old, 1st Bred & Owned

Underwood Dusk Jazz-RED                      3rd Place Sr. 3 Yr. Old

Crescentmead Sweet Pea-RED                 3rd Place Summer Yearling Heifer

Milksource Taz Franny-RED                     4th Place Fall Calf

Milksource Seisme B-RED-ETN               5th Place Spring Yearling Heifer