Superior Animal
Treatment & Care

It’s all about the cows

Great herds nurtured by top-quality staff.

Keys to Superior Animal Treatment & Care

  • Our cows are bedded with sand for cleanliness and comfort
  • Automated water troughs are available to cows at all times throughout each free stall
  • Our cows are milked three times each day for comfort and health
  • Free stall alleys on our dairies are cleaned three times each day for cow health and safety
  • Our cows have access to fresh feed 24 hours a day developed with  a herd nutritionist             
  • The feed is pushed up and replenished several times throughout the day
  • Our dairies include an on-site hospital and maternity area with 24/7 care
  • Cross-ventilation barns as well as fans and misting systems for cow comfort
  • Cows’ hooves are trimmed at least twice each year for bovine health
  • Our team includes herd health specialists on staff at each dairy 24 hours per day

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