May 30, 2014

Sustainable Farming is the Focus of Initiative

At the RENEW Wisconsin energy policy summit on January 10, 2014, RENEW recognized The University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Foundation’s Rosendale Digester Project as one of only  six 1 MW+ renewable generation projects in Wisconsin that were placed in service in 2013. The digester was “inducted” into RENEW’s “Million Watt Club” during a special awards ceremony as part of the annual RENEW summit that was sponsored by more than 50 groups with the goal of increasing sustainability through the use of green energy technologies, such as the digester that used material from Rosendale Dairy.

Rosendale Sonnleitner, Rathjen, Ostrom at digestersDSCN4568DSCN4563

Meanwhile, Milk Source continues to innovate and experiment as part of its sustainability initiative. On Sept. 2, 2013, the Outagamie County Land Conservation Department and Milk Source cooperated in a special seeding program, in which grass seed was flown via airplane and dropped on a  growing corn field  in an effort to minimize erosion. Full growth was achieved by the October 14th harvest with a positive impact on erosion control.

This is one of the many methods by which Milk Source is working to ensure sustainability on its farms.

Milk Source, proud to be part of Wisconsin’s dynamic and sustainable dairy industry, is run by three multi-generational Wisconsin dairy farmers and our roots were planted in 1965 with a 30-cow dairy farm, started by the parents of one of our partners. Milk Source is proud of its dairies, calf farm and heifer raising facility.  We invite you to visit us here on our website or at one of the many tours we offer at our modern, sustainable dairy farms.