It rained the night before.

It rained the afternoon after.

But during the morning of April 27th, Mother Nature delivered clear skies (and some sun) for the first time in three years, and it made all the difference in the world.

Between 800-1,000 vehicle loads of compost were given away to the neighbors and residents near Tidy View, New Chester and Rosendale dairies (It’s difficult to keep a precise count when you’re shoveling that much “inventory.”) For an event in its 14th year, that may represent a record turnout.

The annual event is a joint effort of the respective dairy Operations Teams and the Milk Source Public Affairs crew, with loading assists by Boy Scout Troop 623 (Omro) and the Adams-Friendship Powerlifting Club.

“Hats off to Operations Managers Glenn Sayler, Gilberto Gracia, Dylan Malson and their team members,” said Avi Stern, director of public affairs. “They are planning for weeks ahead of time to make sure we are ready for what is always a very busy, very intense – and very successful – morning.”