Farm Tours

See for yourself

All tours MUST be scheduled in advance.

All tours depend on tour guide availability.

                                                 2022 WORLD DAIRY EXPO TOURS

Once again, ALL WDE ’22 Week Tours will be run through Rosendale Dairy, with a morning or afternoon option. Groups will be booked on a first-come, first-reserved basis.  Groups will be capped at 25 people. ALL tours must be booked in advance by calling (920)-759-4673. 

                                             10 a.m.                                       2 p.m.

Sat., Oct. 1                 25 spots available                      25 spots available

Sun., Oct. 2                25 spots available                       17 spots available

Mon., Oct. 3               25 spots available                       5 spots available

Tues., Oct. 4               BOOKED FULL                              5 spots available

Wed., Oct. 5               BOOKED FULL                             16 spots available

Thurs., Oct. 6              25 spots available                       10 spots available

Fri., Oct. 7                   25 spots available                        25 spots available

Sat., Oct. 8                   25 spots available                       25 spots available

Daily Tour Schedule
  • Rosendale Dairy: Thursday & Saturday Mornings. By appointment. Call (920)-759-4673.
  • New Chester Dairy: Tuesday & Saturday Mornings. By appointment. Call (920)-759-4673
  • Tidy View Dairy: By appointment. Call (920)-759-4673

Tour Rules & Regulations
  • Tours are filled on a first-come, first-reserved basis
  • Tours providing their own bus may REQUEST a different time, with at least seven days notice and flexibility
  • Tourists will meet at the designated gathering spot
  • No cameras or recording devices of any kind are permitted on tours
  • There are NO tours without reservations
  • Tours will start promptly at the designated start time
  • Reservations are limited to 25 people per tour

Reserve your tour spot today!

To reserve a spot for a tour (remember to specify which farm you want to visit), call (920) 759-4673 or send an e-mail to Milk Source Public Affairs Team