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Waste management

Integrated Waste Management

The Original Recycler

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Finding value where others see waste.

Keys to Integrated Waste Mangement

  • Carefully constructed Nutrient Management Plans
  • Recycles tires used in fermentation process
  • Underground pipeline being utilized
  • Full oil collection is practiced
  • Spreading is done in controlled amounts
  • Manure solids available to neighbors for gardening
  • Spreading is contained to specific areas
  • Soil testing verifies field nutrient levels
  • Wet cake, permeate whey used in feed
  • Zero discharge dairies

Protecting and replenishing our planet

“Sustainability” is both a goal and a process. Here are the 10 critical ways to achieve the greenest-possible results.

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What is a Carbon Footprint?

Learn how Milk Source is a leader in the global effort to reduce emissions.

Carbon Footprint