Milk Source’s goal every day is to be an outstanding dairy producer through quality care of animals, sustainable practices, environmental accountability and constant attention to detail. We are proud of an honest and considerate work force, and have earned a reputation as an outstanding place to work.

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The largest snow storm ever to hit the area had a major impact on Tidy View Dairy and put us to the test. The damage to our farm had a major impact, but just like many other farmers in our area who were hit hard, we are on our way back and milking at full capacity.  It was a credit to our entire Tidy View and Milk Source teams to work through the difficulty and we are SO THANKFUL FOR ALL THE HELP of people such as Hank Olson Construction, Inc, Fox Structures, Inc., LDS – Leading Dairy Solutions, Chad Van Camp & Wayne Van Camp; Carl Vosters; Homan Trucking and Troys Transport, all of whom came to the farm with the blizzard still under way and used their expertise to help us through. We also are in awe of all the other area farmers who were impacted by the storm and through perseverance and determination weathered the event with hard work, ingenuity and teamwork.