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Environmental management systems

Integrated Crop and Soil Management

Respecting the land

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Preparing our fields for generations to come.

Keys to Integrated Crop and Soil Management

  • Natural fertilizer reduces need for chemicals
  • 25,000 acres+ of farm land under NMP
  • Crop rotation prevents erosion and soil loss
  • All of the farms have zero runoff
  • Tilth of soil enhanced by manure fertilizer
  • Manure is tested before spreading
  • Soil testing monitors nutrient levels
  • Dairies built on existing farmland
  • Alfalfa fields control erosion
  • NMPs include thousands of pages of the best practices

Protecting and replenishing our planet

“Sustainability” is both a goal and a process. Here are the 10 critical ways to achieve the greenest-possible results.

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What is a Carbon Footprint?

Learn how Milk Source is a leader in the global effort to reduce emissions.

Carbon Footprint