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Milk Source University

Fair Treatment and Good Working Conditions

An eye toward the future

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Helping the next generation of leaders take root.

Keys to Fair Treatment and Good Working Conditions

  • 99 percent of employees are full time
  • Average wage is $40,000-plus
  • All employees eligible for health insurance
  • Quarterly leadership award for employees
  • 401k matching funds available to all employees
  • Company goal is grow from within
  • All employees accrue vacation from start date
  • Professional development available to all
  • Work force is entry level to college graduates
  • Employee anniversary recognition program

Protecting and replenishing our planet

“Sustainability” is both a goal and a process. Here are the 10 critical ways to achieve the greenest-possible results.

Corn harvester

What is a Carbon Footprint?

Learn how Milk Source is a leader in the global effort to reduce emissions.

Carbon Footprint