MilkSource Genetics shined brightly with a strong class of 2020 All-American cows, including:


Windy Knollview Pennies:  Winter heifer Calf

Milksource Tstorm Chrome-ET: Fall Heifer Calf

Petitclec Emilio Adene: Milking Yearling

Milksource Attica-RED: Summer Jr. 2 yr. Old

Jacob Control Brisk: Jr. 3 Yr. Old (co-owned w/ Ransom Rail & Laurie Fischer)

Co-Vale Dempsey Dina 4270: Lifetime Production (w/ Ransom Rail)


All American 2020 tantrum

Milksource Tantrum-RED-ET: Unanimous

Milksource Attica-RED: Summer Jr. 2 Yr. Old

Antia Absolute Joline-RED: 5 Yr. Old

Miss Apple Snapple-RED-ET: Unanimous 125,000 lbs. cow