MilkSource Genetics cows staked a strong claim during this year’s Wisconsin State Shows.

Among our highlights in the Jersey show:

Homor Faithful

Milksource Highways Honor wins Grand Champion, Intermediate Champion, Intermediate Champion of the Junior Show and 1st Jr. 3 Yr. Old.

Woodmohr Forever Faithful is Res. Grand Champion, Senior Champion and 1st 5 Yr. Old.

Milksource Reviresco Fantom is Junior Champion of the Junior Show and 1st Spring Yearling.

Highview Balin Journey is Res. Intermediate Champion and 1st Sr. 3 Yr. Old.

Milksource-FV Gentry Merci-ET is 1st Winter Yearling.

Goff Andreas Mae-ET is 3rd Senior 3 Yr. Old.


Meanwhile, at the Red & White Show, Milksource Genetics continued the successful streak:

Antia Absolute Joline wins Grand Champion, Senior Champion, Best Udder and 1st Place Aged Cow.

Milksource Tantrum-RED-ET is HM Grand Champion, Res. Intermediate Champion and 1st Sr. 2 Yr. Old.

Milksource Attica-RED is 3rd Place Junior 3 Yr. Old.

Warior Klash Red

And, finally, at the Holstein Show:

Oak-Ridge-K Gchip Turbo is Res. Grand Champion, Intermediate Champion, and 1st Senior 3-Year-Old.

Antia Absolute Joline-Red wins Reserve Senior Champion and 1st Aged Cow.

Milksource Warior Klash-Red is Reserve Junior Champion and 1st Fall Calf.

Milksource Tstorm Chrome-ET is 1st Milking Yearling.

Milksource Attica-Red is 3rd Junior 3 Yr. Old.

Milksource Genetics won Junior Best Three Females.