With the cancellation of both the World Dairy Expo and Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, MilkSource Genetics headed east to Circleville, OH, to compete in the North American Open Dairy Cattle Show.

They boasted a strong start with Miss Apple-Snapple-RED-ET winning Grand Champion of the Red & White Show.

Among our highlights:

Tantrum with ribbons

Miss Apple Snapple-RED-ET is Grand Champion, Senior Champion and 1st Production Class.

Antia Absolute Joline-RED is HM Senior Champion and 1st 5 Yr. Old. (Co-owned w/ Laurie Fischer)

Milksource Tantrum-RED-ET (pictured above) is Junior Champion of the Open Show & 1st Place Winter Yearling

Milksource Attica-Red is 2nd Summer Junior 2 Yr. Old.

Milksource Thunder-Red-ET is 2nd Fall Yearling (Owned & exhibited by Maple-Leigh Futures & Daniel VanDePol.)

Nehls-Valley Radioactiv-Red is 2nd Place Jr. 2 Yr. Old. (Co-owned w/ Ransom Rail & Grant Vosters).


Jersey Show

Milksource -FV Gentry Merci-ET is 1st Winter Calf.

Krohlow Comerica Anna (pictured) is 1st 5 Yr. Old.

Milksource Highways Honor won Reserve Intermediate Champion of the Junior Show.

Attica Red first summer Junior

Holstein Show

Milksource Attica-RED wins 1st Place Summer Junior 2 Yr. old.

Petitclerc Emilio Adene is 1st Place Milking Yearling.

Milksource Tstorm Chrome-ET is 2nd Place Fall Calf.

Antia Absolute Joline-RED won 3rd Place 5 Yr. Old.

Co-Vale Dempsey Dina 4270-ET is 3rd Place Lifetime Production Cow.