A pandemic wasn’t going to keep the dedicated dairymen and women of Wisconsin from holding their beloved State Show.

A new location was found, accommodations were made and we were honored to participate.

Among our highlights:

Holstein Show

MS Milksource RI Krystal-ET is Grand Champion. Also: Senior Champion, BU, Champion B&O and 1st Place 4 Yr. Old.

Milksource Tstorm Chrome-ET is Junior Champion of the Open Show and 1st Fall Calf.

Jacobs Control Brisk-ET  is Reserve Intermediate Champion, Open Show and 2nd Junior 3-Year-Old. (Co-owned with Ransom Rail & Laurie Fischer.)

Milksource Attica-Red is Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion (Open Show) and  1st Summer Junior 2-Year-Old.

TK-Plain-View Ripley is 1st Place Production Cow.

Antia Absolute Joline-RED is 1st Place 5 Yr. Old. (Co-owned with Laurie Fischer.)

Krystal Grand Champion

Red & White Show

MilkSource Genetics named Premier Breeder & Exhibitor.

Antia Absolute Joline-RED is Grand Champion, Best Udder, Senior Champion and 1st 5 Yr. Old. (Co-owned w/ Laurie Fischer)

Milksource Attica-Red is Honorable Mention Grand Champion, Intermediate Champion and 1st Summer Junior 2 Yr. Old.

Miss Apple Snapple-Red-ET wins Honorable Mention Senior Champion and 1st Lifetime Production Cow.

Hilrose Avalnch Addy-Red-ET is 1st Milking Yearling. (Co-owned with Legendholm & Grant Vosters).

Milksource Abt Tessa-Red-ET is HM Intermediate Champ of the Junior Show and 1st Place Sr. 3 Yr. Old (Owned and exhibited by Grady & Lane Wendorf)

Milksource Thunder-Red-ET is 1st Fall Yearling (IOwned & exhibited by Maple-Leigh Futures & Daniel VanDePol.)

Milksource Tantrum-Red-ET is 2nd Place Winter Yearling (Owned by Tristen Ostrom).

Milksource J Treasure-Red is 3rd Place Summer Yearling.

Nehls-Valley Radioactiv-Red is 3rd Place Jr. 2 Yr. Old. (Co-owned w/ Ransom Rail & Grant Vosters).

Joline Senior Champ

Jersey Show

Woodmohr Forever Faithful is Honorable Mention Grand Champion, Reserve Senior Champion and 2nd 4 Yr. Old.

Milksource Highways Honor is  Reserve Grand Champion of the Junior Show, Intermediate Champ of the Junior Show and 2nd Summer Junior 2 Yr. Old.

Milksource-FV Gentry Merci-ET wins 1st Winter Calf.

Milksource-FV Gentry Marquee-ET is 1st Fall Calf.

Milksource-FV Applejack Maserati is 4th Place Summer Yearling (Co-owned with Finca Valparaiso).

Faithful HM Grand Champion