Milk Source continued its longstanding support of the Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance with the recent donation of 20 55-gallon barrels for the collection of residential rain water. 

They were donated by Tidy View Dairy and delivered thanks to the efforts of driver Juan Castro.

“Using a rain barrel not only benefits local residents but also our local waters. Water stored in a rain barrel and used for watering plants won’t rush off their property and carry pollutants to our streams and rivers,” notes Alyssa Reinke, Northeast Wisconsin Stormwater Consortium Coordinator.  “Not only that, water that is used for watering sinks into the ground and replenishes the ground water supply. Two great benefits from one barrel!” 

Milk Source Partner Todd Willer has served on the Alliance board of directors for more than a decade. 

To learn more about the project and the partnership, please click here